about us

about us

Kimia Gostar Gomes Company was established in 1992 and started its activities in the field of research and production of laboratory chemicals. Production of this type of material was started by this company for the first time in Iran. Technical knowledge, design and manufacture of relevant equipment is done in the company. Manufactured products are made according to well-known standards such as MERK, NF, FCC and ACS.

Since 2005, the company entered this field due to the country’s requirement for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Then, based on the experiences of the past 14 years and applying the same policies from the research stage, synthesis, pilot, industrial equipment design and installation has done itself. Thus, the company has taken an effective step in Community Verified iconinstitutionalizing the technical knowledge of this category of products in the country.

Production of various effective pharmaceutical raw materials, food raw materials and intermediates in the section of Kimia Gostar Gomes products is completely explained.

Kimia Gostar Gomes chart

The organizational chart of Kimia Gostar Gomes company has sections of board of directors, managing director, research, financial, laboratory and so on. These sections are illustrated in detail in the chart below.