Kimia Gostar Gomes Company with high ability to perform different chemical reactions as well as multiple analyzes has a high capacity for synthesis and identification of different chemicals.


Capacities of Kimia Gostar Gomes Company

Reactions Lab facilities
Acylation Balance 0.00 & 0.0000 
Hydrolysis Hot Plate/ Stir Plate


Furnace 1100 °C
Diazotization  Centrifuge
Alkylation Desiccator
Oxidation UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
Heterogeneous catalytic reduction Drying oven
Hinsberg reaction  Germinator
Grignard reaction Loup

 Eschweiler–Clarke reaction

Mechanical viscometer
Unit operations Heating mantel
Crystallization Vacuum pump
Simple distillation pH meter
Fractional distillation Water bath
Vacuum distillation Paper chromatography equipment
Azeotropic distillation Mechanical stirrer
Atmospheric drying Sieve shaker
Vacuum drying Grinder
Dean-Stark  Refrigerator
Filtration Complete Glassware set
  Small High Pressure s.s Reactor
Main Industrial Equipment Pilot Plant Equipment
PE and three Jaket S. S Reactors: 4 number (Bilayer Glass Reactor (50 L
PE Mixer : 4 number Glass Balloon Reactor 
Boiler High-Low Temperature Circulating Device
Cooling Tower Circulating Water Vacuum Pump
S. S. Try Atmospheric Dryer Rotary Evaporator
Blender Continues Glass Fractional Distillation
S. S. Butterfly Grinder Continues Glass Vacuum Distillation
R. O. Water Purified Equipment Continues Glass Azeotropic Distillation
Vacuum System Continues Glass Simple Distillation
S. S. Filtering System High Speed Hammer Hill
 Air Handling Unit  Medium Oven